Save Seaport Village is looking to endorse a plan!

Save Seaport Village is hoping to work with developers that believe in Seaport Village.  Integrating or re-envisioning a new Seaport Village will help ensure the success of your project. Here are just some of the benefits:

  1. Keep Seaport Village open during the large construction phase and generate up to $8,000,000 a year in revenue.
  2.  Having our endorsement may increase the likelihood of Port and Coastal Commission approval.
  3. Having the support of the community will help ensure the success and completion of the project.
  4. If you save just some of Seaport Village you will be recognized as preserving a piece of San Diego history.
  5. You would save 100’s of jobs.
  6. You would save several small business that support our local community.
  7. You may reduce environmental and habitat opposition.
  8. You would avoid another potential Bazaar Del Mundo debacle.
  9. You would benefit from the guaranteed and proven success of Seaport Village.
  10. You would continue to provide a valuable destination for San Diego tourists during a lengthy construction process.
  11. You would avoid a PR nightmare and reduce community opposition and rejection of the project upon completion.

The Save Seaport Village Facebook page has over 10,000 fans!  Don't you want the support of all those people?  The outlined area is only 4.50 acres of the 70 acre proposed site.  Saving just these 4.50 acres would have all these benefits and more.  If you would like to meet with us to consult on your vision for the RFP and potentially gain our endorsement please email us at