This is my humble vision for a "New Seaport Village".   We would love some drawings to help convey the vision.  Also, if you have your own vision that SAVES Seaport Village please send it to us as well.  Please email

  • The RED area would be phase 1 and 3.  Phase 1 would level the entire RED area to make way for a temporary parking lot during construction of phase 2. 
  • The Purple area would be phase 2.  The purple area would be a new 3 level parking garage with one level underground.  The top level could be something other than parking, like an urban park, museum , etc.  Weekend parking will benefit with the addition of 2400 parking spaces just across the street (north) of the RED area in the new Manchester Pacific Gateway.
  • The RED area will now be phase 3.  Now that we have a new parking garage development can begin on the RED area.  The city should rename "Pacific Highway" to "Pacific Coast Highway".  A grand arch to celebrate the beginning and end of Pacific Coast Highway should be erected at the intersection of Harbor Drive and Pacific Coast Highway, similar to the ones in the Gaslamp Quarter.  Eventually PCH will be extended all the way through Seaport Village and into the bay creating an amazing view corridor.  PCH south of the new street "Old Harbor Drive" will be pedestrian only.  An incredible 1940's style main street will begin at Harbor Dr end with the Seaport Village Carousel.  In addition another new 1940's style street will be built, called "Old Harbor Drive".  This new street will serve has a grand entrance to the parking garage and valet for The Headquarters.  An additional smaller parking garage or boutique hotel could be built in the center of the north red area.  Along the water will be several restaurants with huge patios soaking the western sun and views.  The areas along PCH and Old Harbor Drive would resemble that of a 1940's main street tying into the architecture and period of the old police station, similar to the image above.  
  • The YELLOW area and the extension of PCH through Seaport Village would be phase 4.  Existing Seaport Village tenants in the YELLOW area and area being leveled for the extension of PCH will now have the opportunity to move to the new 1940's street store fronts.  The YELLOW area could now become an extension to the Manchester Hyatt Regency.  It could be a "hotel with in a hotel".  A higher end enclave with breath taking harbor view room suites and picturesque convention, wedding and meeting space.