The Port of San Diego and the Port Commissioners have only the best intentions for San Diegans and the Port Tidelands.  In the end we feel that they will make the best most educated and logical choice for the redevelopment of Seaport Village that will benefit everyone in the best way possible.  The Port Commissioners are volunteers to the community and should be treated with the utmost respect and dignity.  That being said the Port may not realize how special and important Seaport Village is to San Diegans and the city.  Please let them know how you feel about Seaport Village and not how you feel about them.  

Attend Port meetings and let your voice be heard!

Port of San Diego Invites Public to ‘State of the Port’ Event January 7, 2016 (read speech given by tenant)
April 14th, 1:00pm Board Meeting in the Port Administration building.

Contact the Port and tell them how you feel!

Port of San Diego contacts:
Speak before the Board of Port Commissioners (619) 686-6206
Customer Relations Assistants (619) 686-6200
Customer service:
Marshall Merrifield —  Chairman
Robert “Dukie” Valderrama — Vice Chairman
Rafael Castellanos — Secretary
Bob Nelson -
Ann Moore -
Garry J. Bonelli -
Dan Malcolm -
Randa Coniglio -

Contact the Mayor and Downtown City Council Person too!
Mayor Kevin
City Council Lorie Zapf:

Contact the Media:
San Diego Union-Tribune
Voice of San Diego